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Why Kirkwood Crates

Coming from a long history in production agriculture, the owners of Kirkwood Crates are used to waking up early, working long days, and not quitting until the work is done. They understand that both time and quality are critical. Just like on the farm, sloppy work ethic just doesn't cut it when it comes to crates. We promise you reliable shipping products on YOUR schedule for prices you can afford.


How We Started  

Kirkwood Crates got its start in 2018 when three friends - Joshua Dean, Nathan Defenbaugh, and Justin Allaman - pooled their resources to create a shipping crate company to meet the needs of local manufacturers. In addition to benefiting local companies, the three founders cared deeply about creating jobs and helping their rural community.

Kirkwood Crates started small, operating out of Nathan's farm shop.  Many farm tools were repurposed and used to produce the first shipping crates in early 2018.

Safe and Secure

Our team is dedicated to providing quality shipping crates at low prices.  We can custom build numerous dimensions to your fit your specific product.  Let us know how we can help you today!

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