Who We Are

Kirkwood Crates Joshua Owner shipping crates
Joshua Dean

Josh has been with Kirkwood Crates from the very beginning. He enjoys woodworking and using shop tools to create quality products. Coming from a family of small business owners, Josh was highly motivated to start his own company.  Prior to establishing Kirkwood Crates, he got his start on a cattle farm.  Outside his work at Kirkwood Crates, Josh enjoys canoeing and kayaking, camping, fishing, and working on his vintage truck.

Justin Allaman

Born and raised in Henderson County, Illinois, Justin graduated Summa Cum Laude from Western Illinois University in 2013, receiving an Agriculture degree with a Business endorsement.  He, his wife Bobby, and their daughter, Sophie, live on their farm, which has been in Justin’s family since 1852. As a founding member of Kirkwood Crates, Justin enjoys finding creative shipping solutions to help businesses grow.  When not working at Kirkwood Crates, Justin enjoys working on the family farm, traveling, camping, and spending time with family.

Kirkwood Crates Justin Owner shipping crates
Kirkwood Crates Nathan Owner shipping crates
Nathan Defenbaugh

Along with Joshua and Justin, Nate was instrumental in establishing Kirkwood Crates.  His work ethic and drive have helped grow the company from its humble beginnings.  Nate enjoys performing maintenance on Kirkwood Crate’s tools and equipment.

He currently lives with his family on their grain and livestock farm outside Kirkwood.  Nate enjoys working on auto mechanics, helping on the family farm, and hunting.

We are a small team dedicated to ensure our crates can withstand the hazards of shipping your product.